Oxford Athletic Club

This proposal is for the creation of commercials that showcase the various offerings, amenities, and recently renovated spaces found at Oxford Athletic Club. 

This commercial will target up-to three main demographics that Oxford Athletic Club has designated as being their ideal clientele. After viewing the commercial, people that fall inside the target demographics will be convinced, compelled, or otherwise motivated to further seek out Oxford Athletic Club and its offerings.

With the knowledge and experience garnered through years of creating commercials and other marketing assets, Alden Roth and Davis Kinville will create effective, beautiful, high quality commercials for Oxford Athletic Club. In addition to highlighting the new classes and facilities that the Oxford Athletic Club offers to its members, the commercials will show Oxford is able to connect people of different backgrounds and age groups and provide them with much more than a typical gym. Watching this video will have people from the key demographics lining up outside, scrambling to get a first hand experience at Oxford Athletic Club.


Alden Roth and Davis Kinville started a creative partnership while they were working together at Fitt where they were tasked with creating all of the photo and video assets for the health and fitness app. While at Fitt, Kinville and Roth produced event recap videos, television commercials, and everything in between. 


Collectively, they have produced commercials and created original content for companies including Gamma Tennis, Choolaah Indian BBQ, Wanderlust, and UPMC. With their combined skill sets, Kinville and Roth are able to provide you with professional photos, videos, and more. They can also help you get the most out of these media assets with their social media marketing expertise.


Davis Kinville Director/Producer 

Davis acts as the primary point of contact as well as the on-set director. His primary goal is to drive the story board process and make sure the storyboard comes to life to best meet your marketing team’s goals. Davis also handles all aspects of producing including hiring talent and crew, day-of logistics, safety, and wardrobe. 


Alden Roth Cinematographer/Editor

As the cinematographer, Alden uses his technical expertise to bring to life Davis’s vision for the commercial while making sure that all of your needs are met. Alden makes sure that all gear is available on set when it is needed and helps Davis build out the crew. Alden also handles all of the technical logistics of post-production and is the primary editor for all commercials.



Gamma Pickleball’s primary goal included targeting a younger audience and getting people excited about pickleball while highlighting products available to the consumer. To help meet this goal, we created a package of 2 commercials (a 60-second video for web and a 30-second cut-down for broadcast) and a collection of photos to be used for web and social media highlighting Gamma Pickleball models and Gamma Pickleball products. For this production, we hired 8 models, acquired permits for and shot at several locations around Pittsburgh, and showcased product provided by Gamma Pickleball. These commercials were directed by Kinville and shot and edited by Roth. In order to be nimble inside of our small production window, Davis and Alden only brought on a second camera operator and camera assistant. Wardrobe and on-set styling was handled by Kinville.


When Choolaah Indian BBQ opened their Pittsburgh location in 2018, they were looking for a way to introduce Pittsburghers to the new restaurant and get customers in to try the food. Roth and Kinville created a dynamic location tour that showcased the welcoming interior and delicious food. The tour is shown through the experience of a group of friends and allowed viewers to feel like they we’re getting a real sense of the experience at Choolaah Indian BBQ. In addition to the 60-second video, there were additional videos created that gave Choolaah’s audience a behind-the-scenes look at how the traditional Indian food is prepared. The Pittsburgh videos preformed so well that Kinville and Roth were asked to create similar videos for Choolaah’s other locations across the Mid-Atlantic.


For the 2018 Open Enrollment Healthcare period, UPMC needed a video that could reach a younger audience and drive uninsured young adults to sign up for UPMC Health Plan. Roth and Kinville created a video that follows several young adults around Pittsburgh through multiple food and fitness adventures. The video was shot over two months, allowing for different seasons, activities, and events to be showcased in the video.



  • March 27 - Commercial Option chosen by Oxford Athletic Club.

  • March 28 - Meeting with Oxford Athletic Club to determine KPI for the videos

  • March 29 - Commercial script submitted to Oxford Athletic Club for approval

  • April 1-5 - Cast, Crew, and all other production aspects are locked in.

  • April 8-10 - Primary shooting days for the commercials.

  • April 11-15 - Edit of the commercial

  • April 16 - Commercial Delivered for Oxford Athletic Club Review

  • April 17-19 - First round of Revisions

  • April 20-21 - Second Round of Revisions(if needed)

  • April 22-23 - Third Round of Revisions(if needed)

  • April 24 - Final Commercial delivered.



Option A - In this commercial, we follow a mid-40s couple and their children through Oxford Athletic Club. The family is new to the area and are interested in club membership. An Oxford employee gives them a grand tour, showing off all of the new facilities, classes, and amenities. This commercial would take all of the best aspects of a real estate video - grand interiors, showcasing everything that is available to customers - and mix in Oxford members working out, relaxing, and socializing. This commercial ends with a call to action for viewers to “Schedule a Tour”, sign up for a membership, or similar.

Option B - Following the three target demographics (single professionals, young families, and teenagers) throughout their day, this commercial shows how Oxford Athletic Club helps each of the key demographics to utilize the facilities and live their best life. The father of a young family gets up early, lifts at the gym before work, and plays racquetball with his buddies on the weekends. The young family’s mother drives her children to Oxford after school to play basketball and swim in the pool while she works out with her personal trainer. The young professional leaves her office early to catch her favorite yoga class at Oxford before taking a business call in the private conference room. She catches up with friends at the Market Café, where the other characters are seen enjoying their favorite recovery drinks. All three of these stories are intertwined in the edit to showcase everything that Oxford has to offer and encourage a person inside of the target demographics to become a member.

Option C - Formatted as a short documentary, this commercial highlights a current Oxford member and dives into how Oxford makes their life better, easier, or more meaningful. Through personal testimonial and dynamic b-roll, the different offerings and amenities are shown in direct relation to the highlighted member. While still being of a professional caliber, this commercial would have a more intimate, rough-around-the-edges feel to it as it would be filmed in a similar fashion to today's popular documentaries like Free Solo or Abstract.



Holly Kennedy

    • GAMMA Sports - Marketing Coordinator

    • 412-216-0758

    • holly.kennedy@gammasports.com

    • Kinville and Roth worked on two major, commercial campaigns with GAMMA sports (Pickleball and Tennis), creative 60-second commercials, social media videos, and product photos for wide distribution.

Gabriel McNeal

    • #1 Cochran - Lead Car Salesman

    • 412-216-0758

    • gmcneal@cochran.com

    • McNeal commissioned a series of music videos for his car sales songs. The music videos are being used to build awareness in the Pittsburgh area and positioning McNeal to be a top salesman at #1 Cochran. Roth also edit several different promotional videos from the full music videos. 

Phillip Jackson 

    • Real Estate Agent - Painter Jackson 

    • 214-708-9668

    • Phillipjjackon@gmail.com 

    • Kinville and Roth worked on commercial real estate videos for PainterJackson that were used for internal use highlighting a series of Dallas homes.